Humor in the Workplace

Humor in the Workplace

group humor

Humor can stimulate a positive attitude. Positive attitudes create people who are happy and enjoy the work they do. People who enjoy doing their job, do it well!

In this course we will explore how humor can appropriately function in the work place and contribute to a highly productive and harmonious environment. Participants will gain team building and personality tools to assist with:

• Communication- Ice breaker, Tension breaker, Silence breaker

• Building relationships- encourage team camaraderie and employee morale.

• Reducing stress- not just a theory, learn how humor helps and how to use it.

• Provide perspective- improve attitude and productivity through humor

• Promote attendance and energize- Wake up your staff at those meetings and energize their attitude on a regular basis

• Customer Service – enhance quality service by putting the joy back into the job

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